How to Trust God When You Have Trust Issues

How to Trust God When You Have Trust Issues

Mindfulness & Faith By March 22, 2017

 “Trust Issues With Trusting You” Drake sings about them, the media constantly pokes fun at those who have them, and brokenhearted people are embarrassed to admit they have them. I’m talking about “trust issues.” Maybe you lost a meaningful friendship, bullied as a kid, taken advantage of in high school, or betrayed by someone you thought never would. The list for…

I Just Don't Have The Time

How to Prioritize Your Priorities in 6 Simple Steps

Self Care By March 13, 2017

“Help! How do I prioritize everything in my life?!”   Follow my blog with Bloglovin Balancing everything you have kind of feels as if you’re on fire, amiright?   Our society pressures us to “do it all” but balancing the numerous things we have can be almost impossible. Trust me, I get it. It’s really overwhelming. If I see another quote like “You have enough hours…

10 Things I Don't Miss About My Australian Experience

10 Things I Don’t Miss About My Australian Experience

Australia By March 6, 2017

What I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Studying Abroad ***Warning. This is purely subjective because it’s based off  of my personal experiences. If someone else would’ve been given this opportunity I had, they would’ve experienced it 100% differently. XOXO Overall, I  had an amazing time while studying abroad in Australia. However, even in the land of constant sunshine and cute…


10 Things I Miss About Australia

Australia By February 21, 2017

  How is it been a year since I first left to study abroad?!? As I look out my apartment window at the snow and melting puddles below,  my mind can’t help but wonder and reminisce to last year.  One year ago today, I had  landed in Brisbane, Australia after an excruciating 14-hour flight (I’m being a little dramatic. It honestly wasn’t…

Why You Can't Find Yourself When Studying Abroad

Why You Can’t “Find Yourself” When Studying Abroad

Big Thoughts By February 15, 2017

  “Go find yourself.” “Figure out who you really are.”   …..In my opinion, these internal thoughts someone may have for their reason for traveling is wrong. (Maybe “wrong” isn’t the right word…Maybe “unfortunate.” I realize everyone is going to have a different opinion about this topic. So here is mine.  From my countless abroad experiences, I wholeheartedly believe that you can not “find…